The Calhoun County Area Chamber & Visitors Center’s Green Business Program is designed to encourage and support local businesses in their commitment to engage in more environmentally responsible operations and practices.

The Chamber’s Green Business Committee reviews the applications that are submitted. The Green Business application is based on a point system in the categories of Waste Prevention, Recycling, Purchasing, Energy Conservation, Transportation, Water Conservation, and Additional Green Practices used. Each applicant has to receive a minimum of 20 points total to be designated as “Green Business Certified.”

If your company would like more information on becoming a green business, please contact the Chamber at 256-237-3536.

Benefits of Becoming A Green Certified Business

Create A Healthier Workplace Environment

Improving the quality of life at work with green technology, paperless processes and paychecks, recycled paper options, green cleaning materials, and green energy will in due course improve your entire business. Show that you care not only for the well-being of your customers and yourself but also that of your employees and the community as a whole. 

Save Money

Going green can save you money.  Long-lasting, efficient light bulbs like CFLs and LEDs are decreasing the amount of electricity businesses use, lowering their utility bills. EnergyStar appliances and technology will keep your business running on an energy-lean diet. Not only does this help businesses responsibly use energy; it also leaves improves the bottom line.

Tax Benefits

Investing in renewable energy and green technology could qualify your business for tax-related benefits, in the form of credits or deductions. Take a look at tax programs for Alabama and even federal programs to see if you qualify.

Stand Apart from the Crowd

Going green can help with differentiating you from the competition, attracting customers who care about the environment, climate, and in saving money. 


Green Certified Businesses will receive a window decal and a digital decal with the Green Certified logo that can be used in their own promotional materials and literature.