January 7, 2021
Tiffany DeBoer, Public Information Officer
Office: 256-435-0540; Email:


Calhoun County, Alabama –Over the past three days, January 5 – 7, 2021, the Calhoun County Unified Command, in partnership with the Northeastern District of Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), and Northeast Regional Medical Center (RMC), dispensed 2,565 vaccinations to healthcare workers, first responders, and those individuals 75 years or older. 1,140 additional vaccines were dispensed last week, December 28 – 31, to healthcare professionals working in the hospital setting in Calhoun County.

After ensuring the ability to dispense vaccine to the 1A priority group, as determined by ADPH. RMC and ADPH reassessed the current vaccine allotment and took cooperative and decisive action to deliver this life saving vaccine to the most citizens most vulnerable and suffering the most severe effects and deaths, to the coronavirus, those individuals 75 years and older, a sub-group of ADPH’s Phase 1B.

Director of Emergency Management Michael Barton states, “This weeks vaccine distribution has been an extraordinary effort, conducted in a short amount of time, by countless healthcare and public safety professionals, local governments, and volunteers who make up this Unified Command. This initiative has worked to ensure the best stewardship of the available antidote to the virus that hopes and begin to provide some relief and recovery for the people of Calhoun County.”

Those who were vaccinated this week, will require a second dose after 28 days. For those who were vaccinated this week, the tentative dates for the second dose is:
– Tuesday, January 5 = Tuesday February 2
– Wednesday, January 6 = Wednesday, February 3
– Thursday, January 7 = Thursday February 4.

As vaccination allotments become available and are provided by ADPH, future vaccination sites will be planned and scheduled in Calhoun County. Those groups and individuals who are eligible at that time will be determined by ADPH’s allocation plan.

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