Part of the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce plan of action is to advocate for our business community. It is important that our Chamber members have a voice that speaks with unity, clarity and has the power to influence public policy. The Chamber’s advocacy efforts develop methods to influence policies in job creation, workforce development, education, small business advocacy, and adequate health care. Empowering our membership through regular interaction with county and state legislators keeps them abreast of current legislation at local, state, and federal levels in the state and encourages both the community and the chamber members to mobilize to become a part of the democratic process. These efforts aid in ensuring accountability to the residents and business owners in Calhoun County and stimulating growth in all aspects of our community. Membership in the Chamber is vital to the Chamber’s continued efforts to advocate for all who benefit from our county’s economic well-being. 

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center’s legislative agenda focuses on the local areas of Education/Workplace Preparedness, Economic Development/Infrastructure, Small Business, and Quality Health Care. With the efforts of the Chamber members and staff, we have a leadership role on certain issues—providing resources & time—to ensure that a particular outcome is achieved and the voice of business in Calhoun County is heard.